Making Sex Last Longer

By | January 22, 2017

When you have sex with and escort or anyone sometimes the excitement of having something new can cause someone to get off a lot quicker than normal. Well, I will tell you a few tips to helps you with finding an escort and making sex last.

If you feel yourself about to release, say that your escort is playing with your clit/tip of your penis and you feel like you are going to lose it, make them stop and stimulate another area, so you aren’t quick to reach the peak of orgasm.

A lot of people hiring escorts are just looking for a quick session, so make sure you find an escort who is like you and is searching for what you are. If you want a longer session make sure you let that be known whenever you reserve the escort of your choosing. Also, let the escort know that you are a person who likes to take their time in the bedroom.

Instead of heading straight to the prize, play around some, tease the person a lot, and then let them wonder what you are going to do next. If you just jump straight to the chase one of two things could happen which are; they have an orgasm fast or two: they are turned off because you didn’t want to participate in fourplay so they aren’t able to get off. I say, participate in fourplay; draw it out a little, get them excited, and itching and begging for more. Bring them to the brink then walk away, letting them squirm with desire. By the time you are both ready the release will be the most powerful thing you’ve ever felt!

We often fail to realize escorts also have emotions too. Show them emotion, show them how bad you want it and how bad you want them. Talk dirty to them, and don’t make them do all the work. Evenly distribute who puts how much work in and don’t let it fall on just one person alone. Escorts need breaks and need others to take initiative also to keep their climax from happening so tie your escort up, fuck them and let them know you will pamper and take care of their needs but not rush it either.

If you treat the escort as you would any other woman you want to fuck, you’ll both have a better time.

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